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Meet the AEGIS Therapy and Rehabilitation Team in Dothan, AL


AEGIS Therapy Team at The Rehab Inn

It’s important to have a great team of experts coordinating your recovery should you ever be recommended for in-patient short-term therapy and rehabilitation community. The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle has selected the skilled team at AEGIS Therapies to partner with them in delivering faster recoveries and more successful results.

“We really have a great team,” said Nancy Norris, AEGIS team leader at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. “We come from a bunch of different backgrounds and each person brings their expertise to the table, especially in working with skilled nursing facilities. We understand geriatrics, but we also have people with athletic therapy training for more active older adults.”

The therapy gym at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle has a full line of Nautilus equipment, and all the professional equipment needed see to the therapy and rehab needs of short-term stay guests at The Rehab Inn. But the most important part of a fast recovery are the team members from AEGIS who work with guests at The Rehab Inn each and every day. Here are some of the wonderful hometown people you may get to know. Continue reading “Meet the AEGIS Therapy and Rehabilitation Team in Dothan, AL”

From the Desk of Patrick Davies

Patrick Davies, Executive Director

It’s been just over three months since I joined the Wesley Place on Honeysuckle family! I truly appreciate the warm welcome received from residents, staff and families alike. I can say without hesitation that it is a privilege for me to be a part of this fine community of caring individuals.

Here is a brief listing of just a few our undertakings in the first 90 days of my appointment.

First and foremost we are pleased to say that we have completed our annual Survey and Certification process for the year. It was a great survey! This was the first survey testing the Household care model in the State of Alabama. We are pioneers!

Additionally, we have been working diligently on our 5 star rating and are pleased to say that we have achieved the addition of 1 new star to our overall rating! Continue reading “From the Desk of Patrick Davies”

Staying Spiritually Connected In A Retirement Community

With a chapel located on campus, the residents of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle do not have to go far to remain spiritually connected.

Americans have long believed that religion can play a role in a person’s health and wellbeing, and there is plenty of research showing that being spiritually connected can actually improve one’s health (see As a community of Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida, Wesley Place on Honeysuckle goes beyond recognizing the connection between faith and health to providing deliberate opportunities for people to worship.

Though a retirement community with a Methodist heritage, Wesley Place on Honeysuckle welcomes people of all denominations, faiths and walks of life. On Sundays, reverend and resident Zack Martin, former Pastor of Music and Youth at Calvary Baptist Church in Dothan, leads hymns and fills the pulpit each week.

When declining health began to affect his mobility in August of 2015, Zack at first resisted the idea of moving to a nursing home. “I prayed about it,” Zack said. “God pressed on me that this would be a new ministry for me.” And it truly is. Continue reading “Staying Spiritually Connected In A Retirement Community”

Meet the Team: Carolyn Brown, Life Enrichment Mentor

“Everybody has a passion for something. I have a passion for helping people,” says Carolyn Brown, Life Enrichment Mentor at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, a retirement community located in Dothan, Alabama.

Residents outside celebrating July 4th.
Residents outside celebrating July 4th.

Carolyn has been helping seniors at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle for nearly 23 years. She started as a housekeeper and after only three months, became the interim activities coordinator. From there, she moved up to assistant director of activities, and then became the director of activities and a life enrichment mentor. As the community has transitioned to incorporate the Household Model, her duties have also expanded to include managing a household.

“My favorite part of my job is the impact that I have on residents every day,” says Carolyn. “I make them laugh, and I cannot go a day without laughing. We want to make them smile.”

Continue reading “Meet the Team: Carolyn Brown, Life Enrichment Mentor”

Wesley Place on Honeysuckle: a Pet-Friendly Retirement Community


Studies have shown there are marked benefits to pet ownership. From decreasing cholesterol and feelings of loneliness, to increasing opportunities for socialization and exercise, pets can enrich lives. At Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, you’ll have as much (or as little) interaction as you’d like!

If you own a small pet, you’re welcome to bring him or her with you to make your new home complete, provided certain requirements are met (call for details). If you enjoy dogs, but don’t want to mess with the responsibilities of pet ownership in your new home, you’ll be happy to know that Harley and Hannah are on duty!

Who are Harley and Hannah? They are Wesley Place on Honeysuckle’s miniature volunteers, two toy poodles – they even have the name badges to prove it! Continue reading “Wesley Place on Honeysuckle: a Pet-Friendly Retirement Community”

5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Sell Your House Before Moving to Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living community requires some preparation. First, one must recognize when you or a loved one has a need for help. Then research begins- where do you or your parent want to live? What communities provide the care you need? Once you’ve found the right place, your physician will create a plan of care and provide it to the community. You and your family will then determine what furniture is moving with you to your new assisted living home. One thing that does NOT have to happen? Selling your home.

“We find that waiting to sell your home until after you’ve moved to Wesley Place on Honeysuckle makes for a more enjoyable and less stressed transition,” said Holly Whitehead, marketing and admissions director. Continue reading “5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Sell Your House Before Moving to Assisted Living”

How to Discover the True Value of an Assisted Living Community

When it’s time to start searching for an assisted living community for a loved one, there are many factors to take into consideration, especially when it comes to cost. Arguably, after quality of care, the most important aspect to compare is the price. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply comparing each community’s base monthly fee.

Different assisted living communities include varying services and amenities in their contracts, meaning you may get more or less for your monthly fee. A service that is included in one community’s monthly fee may be an additional fee at another community. So how do you boil down a contract to find the community’s true value?

Use these 5 guides to make sure you’re comparing the true cost and value of the contracts.

Continue reading “How to Discover the True Value of an Assisted Living Community”

When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living For a Loved One?

Making the decision to research an assisted living community is never easy. It can be difficult to admit when an aging loved one needs additional help that you may not be able to provide.

Ideally, it’s best to start conversations about care while your parents or loved one is still able to care for him or herself. This allows you and your family to discuss wants, needs and opinions regarding various senior living options. Instead of being forced to make a quick decision for them, you can make a decision about their care together.

The right time to consider assisted living will be different for each family. However, there are some warning signs to keep an eye out for that may not always be apparent. These warning signs may indicate that it’s time to start your search for an assisted living community. Continue reading “When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living For a Loved One?”

An Insider’s Look at Life in The Rehab Inn

It has now been more than a month since The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle opened its doors to welcome guests, and since then it has garnered much attention in the community and the greater Dothan area.

As the first short-term stay rehabilitation of its kind in the state of Alabama, The Rehab Inn focuses on providing a unique, home-like atmosphere for guests’ relaxation and recovery. Each guest at The Rehab Inn has their own private room and bathroom, and shares common spaces with the other rehab guests, replicating the experience of living at home. Continue reading “An Insider’s Look at Life in The Rehab Inn”

Celebrating the Holidays at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle

The holiday season is finally upon us! The air is crisper, with a palpable cheer and anticipation. Beyond all the presents, hearty meals and twinkling lights is a time of reflection and joy.
wsmr-signResidents and staff at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate this holiday season, from events in their own lives to the renovations and rebranding on campus. To help usher in this festive season, decorations are being put up around campus and events are scheduled to bring merriment to all throughout the community.

Continue reading “Celebrating the Holidays at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle”