While The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle may be a new addition to the community, the team that will be leading the revolutionary center is not. Collectively, Dani Babinski, Clinical Coordinator, Judy Partin, Clinical Mentor, and Jeff Kirby, Community Mentor have spent over 28 years at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, and have an incredible 68 years of experience in long-term care.

rehab-teamThe Rehab Inn is the new rehabilitation center at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, formerly known as Wesley Manor, scheduled to open early December of 2016. However, it won’t be your average rehabilitation center. A stay at The Rehab Inn will be a unique experience as guests are immersed in the innovative model of care known as the Household Model that treats the residents as guests, rather than patients, during their stay in a comfortable home-like setting.

A guest’s day at The Rehab Inn begins with waking up to the smell of a home-cooked breakfast being prepared by household staff in the shared kitchen near the private suites. Guests may choose to enjoy a hot breakfast, or a continental style breakfast. As guests get ready for the day, staff members are available to help, if needed.

Mornings and afternoons are spent at scheduled therapy appointments tailored to each individual’s needs. After morning therapy sessions, guests make their way back to the household kitchen and dining area where a healthy lunch is prepared and served.

Dinner at The Rehab Inn is also cooked in the household kitchen, and guests may assist in the preparation of the meal if they desire to. Evenings are spent however guests choose, from watching movies together, playing cards, going out on the town, or relaxing in their own private suite.

“No matter how long a guest stays, it will be our pleasure to serve them and get to know them. They will always be a part of the Wesley Place on Honeysuckle family,” says Dani Babinski, Clinical Coordinator at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.”

Dani Babinski has been a registered nurse for 23 years, with a rich background in long-term care, hospitals and hospice centers. Dani started as a RN unit manager at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle three years ago and transitioned to a RN supervisor position before becoming Clinical Coordinator. As Clinical Coordinator of the Rehab Inn, she schedules therapy appointments, helps guests plan their therapeutic path to recovery, and oversees any needed care services with charge nurses and CNAs.

Judy Partin is the Clinical Mentor at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. She has been a registered nurse for 14 years. Judy joined the staff at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle 12 years ago, first as an RN unit manager, then as the assistant director of nursing, and most recently as the director of nursing care. As Clinical Mentor, Judy is responsible for overseeing nursing care and regulatory compliance for the entire community, as well as speaking with families and physicians to ensure that residents get the best care possible.

Judy says she is eager for the rehabilitation center to open. “The Rehab Inn is a huge addition to our community. Our guests will enjoy this home-like environment while healing and accelerating recovery time,” Judy explains. “In addition, the new center will provide new experiences for staff to learn from and bolster the quality of care we provide, which will greatly benefit the recovery of our guests.”

Jeff Kirby is the Community Mentor at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. He has spent most of his life around seniors (more than 40 years), and is very passionate about providing excellent care. As Community Mentor, Jeff supports each household at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, including the new Rehab Inn. It is his responsibility to ensure that guests have a “resort hotel” experience rather than a “hospital” experience when staying at the new center. As a licensed administrator, he will oversee the management of The Rehab Inn, making sure that everyone’s voice is heard at the table and everyone’s opinions are valued.

Jeff is thrilled to be part of this team and welcomes the opportunity to be a “pioneer” in the state of Alabama. The Rehab Inn is the first of its kind in the state.

“We will be emphasizing wellness, and not sickness for those who come into the rehabilitation center. They will transition from a hospital environment to an environment that feels like a home with hotel amenities,” explains Jeff. “For example, when guests first come in, we begin with a massage instead of a traditional clinical assessment, which makes them feel welcome and at ease. Everything from the care that they receive to the ability to partake in daily activities is about maintaining a sense of dignity and independence.”

For more information about The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, contact us at 334-792-0921.

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