Making the decision to research an assisted living community is never easy. It can be difficult to admit when an aging loved one needs additional help that you may not be able to provide.

Ideally, it’s best to start conversations about care while your parents or loved one is still able to care for him or herself. This allows you and your family to discuss wants, needs and opinions regarding various senior living options. Instead of being forced to make a quick decision for them, you can make a decision about their care together.

The right time to consider assisted living will be different for each family. However, there are some warning signs to keep an eye out for that may not always be apparent. These warning signs may indicate that it’s time to start your search for an assisted living community.

Warning Signs

Perhaps mom has gone out driving and forgotten how to get home. Maybe dad hasn’t been cooking hot meals for himself. Maybe the house is getting a little dustier than usual, or the yard a little more unkempt, as the chores have become too much.

If your parents are suddenly losing weight, or their physician is concerned with their nutrition or ability to manage their medications, or their general well-being is declining, then it may be time to search for an assisted living community.

Maybe you’re starting to notice that your own health is deteriorating as you, like so many in the Sandwich Generation, spend your time, effort and money divided between your children, your parents, your job, your spouse, and your home.

When you start to notice these events happening, it’s time to begin your research to find a community that provides all of the services your loved one needs and also suits their taste. Waiting too long to start considering assisted living could result in your parents residing in a less-than-ideal community that doesn’t quite fit all of their needs.

How can an assisted living community help?

A good assisted living community provides your parents with the comforts of home – private spaces, a resident-directed schedule, and cozy, homelike common areas with the added support that’s needed – from transportation to medication management to help with daily living and nutritious meals.

You should, with the help of your parent and perhaps their physician, identify what daily needs are most important. Do your mom and dad need reminders about medication? Or do they need transportation to the grocery store or to appointments? Do they need help bathing, or cooking?

Whatever their particular needs may be, bring the list as you’re researching assisted living communities and compare. Ask about specific services, amenities and costs. What services are available if your parents need more help than assisted living can provide in the future?

Starting these conversations before your parents need to move helps you and them find the perfect place to create their new home. It will help put everyone involved at ease, knowing you made the right choice together, and that your mom and dad will be happy and well taken care of.

As you are researching assisted living communities, we hope you’ll give Wesley Place on Honeysuckle a call. With the transition to a revolutionary model of care called the Household Model, plus the recent renovations and expansion combined with our long history of serving seniors in the Dothan area, we are ready to provide the care your loved ones need in a warm, friendly environment. Give us a call today at 334-792-0921 to schedule a visit!

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