Moving to an assisted living community requires some preparation. First, one must recognize when you or a loved one has a need for help. Then research begins- where do you or your parent want to live? What communities provide the care you need? Once you’ve found the right place, your physician will create a plan of care and provide it to the community. You and your family will then determine what furniture is moving with you to your new assisted living home. One thing that does NOT have to happen? Selling your home.

“We find that waiting to sell your home until after you’ve moved to Wesley Place on Honeysuckle makes for a more enjoyable and less stressed transition,” said Holly Whitehead, marketing and admissions director.

In fact, trying to sell your home before you move can be a bad idea. Assisted living at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle has no large deposit or entrance fee, so liquidation of your assets is most likely not required. Here are five more reasons it may be better to not sell your house before moving into Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.

  1. You don’t want to delay the care that you need. Even if you get an offer on your house the day you list it, you could be waiting 45-60 days before closing. Waiting to move in until after closing means you or your parent could be waiting up to another two months to start living with the benefits that come with assisted living.
  2. It may not be the right time to sell. Spring and summer are usually the best times to put a house on the market. If you or your parent need the help assisted living offers in the fall or winter, trying to sell your home before moving could mean that your home sells for less than it is worth. Or, if you wait for the spring market, you or your parent may be unnecessarily missing out on assisted living life when there’s so much to enjoy during the holidays.
  3. Your house could provide you with additional income. Instead of selling your house, consider renting it. You should consult with your financial or real estate advisor, but renting your home may make more financial sense depending on your situation, and yield a bigger pay off later down the road.
  4. It’s less stress. Every move comes with stress, but moving to Wesley Place on Honeysuckle while trying to sell your excess furniture and your home complicates matters. By waiting to sell, you can focus on one item at a time, and studies are showing that focusing on one task at a time is more effective and less stressful.
  5. Wesley Place on Honeysuckle can help connect you with services and individuals to help you transition. An experienced member of the sales team at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle would be happy to visit your home, and help you and your family talk through what furniture to bring, recommend movers, real estate agents, storage units, and more.

“Residents who wait to sell their home have the luxury of time,” said Holly. “We’ve seen people set up estate sales in their former house or use their existing furniture to stage their home. Then, when they sell, they can hold out for a better offer.”

For more information about moving to assisted living at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, give our team a call at 334-792-0921.

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