Violet Schinman knows how to make her assisted living apartment into home. Her creative son-in-law took measurements of the apartment and made scaled-down paper representations of her personal furnishings on a grid. This way Violet could know ahead of time how everything precious to her would fit together to make the perfect home.

Daughter Cathy and Mrs. Violet Schinman

But creating home in an assisted living community is more than the arrangement of furniture. It’s about carefully chosen personal items, gathered over a lifetime, that hold memories from long past as well as memories of life in the present. Violet has a mix of both that have truly created home for her during her 1 1/2 years at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle in Dothan, AL.

One of the dearest pieces that Violet owns is a small table she currently uses as a snack table in her apartment. Violet explains how she came to value this particular piece. She married Benard Schinman in 1941, shortly after he was drafted into the Army. When he returned from the service in 1945, they bought a 3-bedroom house in Detroit, but did not have a stove. Violet explained that certain metals were scarce in those days because of how much of it had been used in the war. It would be a 6-month wait for a stove.

So Benard’s father built them a small table on which they placed two burner hot plates, and they used an electric roaster as an oven. “It served its purpose then, and it still serves its purpose,” Violet said, as she recounted her tale of the old ‘stove’.

Violet showcases many other significant pieces in her apartment, such as the American Flag given to her in honor of her husband, a photo memory book prepared by her granddaughter, and wooden ducks with the names of her grandchildren (she now has 12 great-grandchildren). In addition, she has an ‘elephant’ and a ‘boy with dog’ garden art that she has enjoyed in the garden of every home where she has lived. They now adorn the garden outside her patio door near rose bushes.

Boy with Dog Garden Art

“I knew right away that I had chosen the right home when I saw the roses outside my apartment patio door,” said Violet. “Ben’s hobby was growing tea roses and he always had fresh flowers on the table.”

Mongolian Art

A Mongolian art picture, given to her by her oldest granddaughter while she was a missionary in Mongolia, is a beautiful reminder of Violet’s faith. The Bible verse on it reads “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” She also enjoys a curio cabinet made by her son that holds other trinkets of great meaning to her.

For more information about making Wesley Place on Honeysuckle your new home, give us a call at 334-792-0921, or complete our contact form for a tour or more information.

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