Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Senior Living

Assisted Living: Things You Should Know

Selecting the right assisted living community for a parent or loved one is a big decision. You want them to be happy and healthy in their new home, and there’s a lot that goes into making the right decision. 

That’s why we’ve gathered some the most frequently asked questions in regards to finding the perfect assisted living arrangement. We hope this information helps as you go on to select the right senior living community for your loved one. 

What is assisted living?

The definition of assisted living varies from state to state. Basically, assisted living facilities aim to promote comfort and freedom for seniors who are still able to live independently while at the same time having a helping hand readily available. Residents have their own private spaces and are able to plan their day as they wish, all while knowing they have access to personalized assistance with daily living should they need it. 

Many assisted living facilities offer homestyle prepared meals and snacks, housekeeping services, medication management, as well as activities such as games, movies, shopping trips and visits to local attractions. 

What is the difference between assisted living and nursing home?

Nursing home care focuses on 24-hour specialized care for those with healthcare, rehabilitation and short-term rehab needs. Nursing care also includes care for those with advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Assisted living complements the more independent senior’s desire for self-reliance with just the right amount of companionable daily living and health-related support he or she may need. 

Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

Medicare is a federal insurance program that, contrary to what many believe, typically doesn’t pay for assisted living. People pay into the Medicare insurance system with every paycheck so it has benefits that you may be entitled to when you retire or become disabled, but it has limited benefits for nursing home care – usually up to a 21-day period in a short-term rehabilitation center if it is required following an accident, illness or surgery.

For more information on understanding the basics of Alabama Medicare, click here.

Does Medicaid pay for assisted living?

Medicaid is a health insurance program for those with low income and limited assets who cannot afford insurance co-pays and deductibles, and it can help pay for the costs of long-term care, but typically not assisted living in Alabama.

There are strict rules governing a person’s qualification for Medicaid. As of 2020 in the state of Alabama, to be eligible for Institutional Medicaid, an individual’s annual income cannot exceed $16,612. If a spouse is involved, a spouse living at home can keep the home and one vehicle, and a portion of the remaining assets. 

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How much does assisted living cost?

Assisted living communities can greatly range in cost depending on the size of the facility, the facility location, and the services offered. The Wesley Place on Honeysuckle’s assisted living accommodations start at $2800 a month. 

How do people pay for assisted living?

Most assisted living residents are private pay, meaning they pay out of their own pocket, oftentimes with family members helping to cover expenses. Others may have have a certain amount of coverage under a long-term care insurance program. 

Veteran’s will also want to look into the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance that may assist with cost of assisting living services as well.

Are assisted living expenses tax deductible?

For 2019, medical expenses such as long-term care expenses are deductible if the expenses are more than 10% of your adjusted gross income. 

Assisted living expenses are only tax deductible when the resident is considered “chronically ill” and meets the qualifying criteria.

Welcome Home to Wesley Place on Honeysuckle

Wesley Place on Honeysuckle offers residents the freedom and comfort they’ve always felt with a little extra assistance when and how they needed it. Our assisted living community encourages residents to choose the activities they participate in, plan their own daily schedule, and continue living their best lives. Our staff members are available to oversee and provide assistance and care that’s personal and familial.

The staff and therapists of Wesley Place make healing a joy! I thank them all for saving my life!

Mr. Bryce Byrd

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