Patrick Davies, Executive Director

It’s been just over three months since I joined the Wesley Place on Honeysuckle family! I truly appreciate the warm welcome received from residents, staff and families alike. I can say without hesitation that it is a privilege for me to be a part of this fine community of caring individuals.

Here is a brief listing of just a few our undertakings in the first 90 days of my appointment.

First and foremost we are pleased to say that we have completed our annual Survey and Certification process for the year. It was a great survey! This was the first survey testing the Household care model in the State of Alabama. We are pioneers!

Additionally, we have been working diligently on our 5 star rating and are pleased to say that we have achieved the addition of 1 new star to our overall rating! We are very proud of this accomplishment and have developed a strategy to add even more stars in the near future.

Also, at the end of June we jumped in with both feet into a new Quality Assessment Performance Improvement plan. This plan was developed for us by Liz Prosch out of our Birmingham Methodist Homes office. Our QAPI teams are looking at everything from meal service to transfers to the hospitals. This program is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Criteria (the Gold Standard in Quality). We are confident that this plan will catapult us to even greater achievements in the near future.

Patrick serving residents and guests at the first Main Street Music series event.

On a lighter note, we have instituted a First Tuesday Main Street Music program which brings local artists into the community for an hour of entertainment and fellowship. All households and neighborhoods are invited to participate, and the events are being well received by all.

Our continual alignment to the Household model is progressing nicely. We are moving along the path on our journey to a new culture for long-term care. It is not without challenges, but the reward is an even greater quality of life for all those we serve.  We are committed to this goal and steadfast in our resolve to bring this to fruition.

I could go on for days if you would let me. Ninety days seems like a short time, but a lot can happen in 90 days (oh, say a hurricane, and perhaps even a 100-year eclipse!).

Thanks for listening! I am at your service 24/7. Our greatest tool is communication. We want to exceed the expectations of those we serve, so if I can assist you in any way, or help you get answers to questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me at 334-792-0921.


To find out more about life at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle and how you or your loved one can benefit from this transformational Household model of care, contact Holly at 334-792-0921 or email her at

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