IMG_1684Residents at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, formerly known as Wesley Manor, spend their free time doing the things they enjoy most, from making music, creating art and dining, to relaxing, exercising and socializing, all thanks to the exceptional services and amenities provided to them.

Carol and Dennis Rodgers have been residents of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle for nearly two years, and in that time, they have taken many opportunities to change their lifestyles for the better.

Carol, an avid piano player, and Dennis, an Alabama sports fan, take advantage of the services and amenities offered at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle in order to spend more time doing the things they enjoy most.

“Living at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle sure does make it easier for me to play the piano,” says Carol. “I don’t have to cook and clean up. Not having to do those things frees up time.”

Carol currently plays piano for a senior adult choir. The group travels to many different organizations to perform, including area churches, other retirement communities, and even at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. Carol is also the organist at her church.

She practices piano on her electric keyboard in her apartment home, but has a few full-size pianos around campus she can choose to play.

IMG_1690The couple enjoys spending time in the activities room, attending coffee socials, and playing games, such as dominos and Uno, with friends. “We play games of all kinds,” says Dennis. Coffee socials—a time in the activities room dedicated to chitchat—are one of their favorite pastimes. “We learn a lot of things about other residents,” says Carol.

They also enjoy watching movies, attending the monthly birthday parties on campus, and watching football games.

Carol and Dennis credit the staff members at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle for their maintenance-free lifestyle. “There is somebody ready to do whatever we need, whenever we need them too,” says Carol. “I don’t even have to go grocery shopping. We just go to the dining room.”

Dennis enjoys spending time keeping up with the construction on the Wesley Place on Honeysuckle campus, including the construction of a new dedicated short-term stay rehabilitation center, and updates to other areas of the campus. The new additions to the campus have been a popular topic of conversation as the changes become more apparent.

Dennis and Carol are just one example of residents who can spend their time doing the things they enjoy most, with friends and visitors, all thanks to the services and amenities provided by Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.

“We have a great big family here,” says Carol, “That’s what I would call it.”

For more information on the services and amenities at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, call us today at 334-792-0921.

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