With a chapel located on campus, the residents of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle do not have to go far to remain spiritually connected.

Americans have long believed that religion can play a role in a person’s health and wellbeing, and there is plenty of research showing that being spiritually connected can actually improve one’s health (see faithandhealthconnection.org). As a community of Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida, Wesley Place on Honeysuckle goes beyond recognizing the connection between faith and health to providing deliberate opportunities for people to worship.

Though a retirement community with a Methodist heritage, Wesley Place on Honeysuckle welcomes people of all denominations, faiths and walks of life. On Sundays, reverend and resident Zack Martin, former Pastor of Music and Youth at Calvary Baptist Church in Dothan, leads hymns and fills the pulpit each week.

When declining health began to affect his mobility in August of 2015, Zack at first resisted the idea of moving to a nursing home. “I prayed about it,” Zack said. “God pressed on me that this would be a new ministry for me.” And it truly is.

Zack has been volunteering as the resident pastor at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle since his second week of residency there. He is sometimes called upon to visit with residents who want to speak to a minister, or to sit with someone who is in the active dying stage.

“It’s not about me – it’s about sharing the Lord,” Zack explains. “All we’re trying to do is the will of God through the means that we have here.”

For Wednesday worship services, the Dothan District Superintendent’s office of the United Methodist Church has organized a rotating list of guest pastors who fill the pulpit each week. The choir from Greater Beulah Baptist Church leads the singing and provides the special music.

A choir of residents is soon to be organized that would not only lead the music at the Sunday worship services, but also take their talents beyond the walls of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle to serve others. The retirement community is also looking at the feasibility of purchasing an in-house TV channel that could carry the Sunday and Wednesday worship services to those who are not feeling well enough to go to the chapel.

For more information about our dedicated, caring staff, please give us a call at 334-792-0921, or visit our contact page here.


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