Studies have shown there are marked benefits to pet ownership. From decreasing cholesterol and feelings of loneliness, to increasing opportunities for socialization and exercise, pets can enrich lives

If you own a small pet, you’re welcome to bring him or her with you to make your new home complete, provided certain requirements are met (call for details). If you enjoy dogs, but don’t want to mess with the responsibilities of pet ownership in your new home, you’ll be happy to know that Harley and Hannah are on duty!. At Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, you’ll have as much (or as little) interaction as you’d like!

Who are Harley and Hannah? They are Wesley Place on Honeysuckle’s miniature volunteers, two toy poodles – they even have the name badges to prove it!

Back in 2010, Wesley Place on Honeysuckle associate Brenda Spann began bringing Harley to work with her at the urging of the administrator. When Brenda added Hannah to her family a few months later, so did Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.

You’ll see Harley and Hannah hanging out in Brenda’s office, visiting residents, or going for rides through the community in their stroller.

“Residents love them,” said Brenda. “Some residents come to my office door and knock several times per day just to see them.”

“My favorite thing about bringing Harley and Hannah is seeing the enjoyment residents get from them,” Brenda added. “Harley and Hannah love coming to work. They are excited from the time I turn into the driveway, and once I park they drag me into the building every day all excited. When we have special days, Harley and Hannah always participate and wear whatever dress up days we have.”

So the next time you find yourself in Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, make sure you take a moment to say hi to these amazing pups!


For more information about pet-friendly retirement in Dothan, Alabama, call Wesley Place on Honeysuckle at 334-792-0921!

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