SARCOA stands for Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging, and is your local Wiregrass branch of the state’s Area Agency on Aging. A local nonprofit, SARCOA educates and informs senior adults in regard to housing and health services like Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, plus programs and services for the disabled, caregiver support and more.

SARCOA publishes an updated Aging & Disability Resource Guide every other year that can be downloaded from their website at the link above, with a new one planned for later this year. Their Active Daily Living website is a health platform that is FREE to use to get personalized advice about maximizing one’s health and independence. You can find out if you or a loved one is more at risk for falls, and what lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk. You can discover information about hygiene, mobility, medication management and more.

For at-home caregivers and their families, SARCOA offers Alabama Cares, a program designed to connect caregivers with the services they may need, such as respite care, equipment and suppliers, and adult day care services. For low-income elderly and the disabled, SARCOA can help guide individuals to receive services under the Medicaid Waiver Program which are paid for by the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

Prescription drug assistance, diabetes education, legal services, and the list goes on. If you live in the Wiregrass Area, you owe it to yourself to get to know SARCOA and its resources. As Alabamians are striving to live healthier longer and to enjoy a greater amount of independence, chances are pretty good that you will need the services that the Agency can provide at some point.

During the current COVID-19 national emergency, SARCOA is operating on a more limited basis, but they are available for telephone consultation at 334-793-6843 or 1-800-239-3507 between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You can also use their online contact form to get in touch with them. When things get back to normal, you will be able to visit SARCOA at their office located at 1075 S. Brannon Stand Road in Dothan.

For more information about our housing and health services at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, contact our admissions team at 334-792-0921.

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